JavaFX – Radial Menu – Game inspiration


Today a post to share with you some night coding. I wanted to try reproducing a radial menu I saw on internet here




So one evening I started coding this. As a challenge I wanted to see how fast I could code this reusing my existing RadialMenuItem in JavaFx. What I can say is that it was easier than my previous radial menu (see my previous post) because there are less interactions.

In about one hour I was able produce the following video :

I think I will go on reproducing radial menu form internet. I hope it will lead me to find the good granularity in providing an extensible radial menu, or maybe several easy-to-use easy-to-configure radial menus. If you have any idea, do not hesitate to contact me or post a comment !

I will clean the code a little before putting it on dowload page… I swear…



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