JavaFx Radial Menu – Sub-Menu available.

Hi there,

Today a small video of the radial menu demo update. Now supporting the sub-menu concept, java fx property based menu and menu item dependencies. Some update done to correctly handle events too.

Next step is to manage the radial center show/hide button and maybe allow to choose the animation used to show/hide. ┬áThis will introduce the builder pattern that I’m not using for the moment. And another improvement would be to use the Skin/Behavior/Control pattern. May I will wait for the public API to be released :)

Thanks for those suggesting ideas, I take it into account on the fly.

As part of the JFXtras control, the updated RadialMenu is also delivered here !

Now the video !


  1. I know that I am late to this post, but it’s tough to say that this is some really cool UI implementation. Deftly like how the buttons fanout and show you more options. Reminded me of the minority report and definitely something that I hope is being implemented in some type of really cool piece of software. Great demo and great job.

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