JavaFx – Radial Menu Touch screen & JFXtras

Hi there,

This post is related to the radial menu demo. Some nice guys have taken some time to upgrade the demo (and correct little mistakes in the code) to offer this video, showing RadialMenu control working in touch screen device, and using Touch Rotation event support.

Many thanks to José Pereda (@jperedadnr) for his time, contribution and video. I can feel I will love interracting with other JavaFx guys.

Another important information is that thanks to JFXtras guys (@hansolo_), I will integrate this custom control in the JFXtras open source project. Feel free to participate and upgrade code available here !



  1. Question: what tablet or hardware are you using to test the touch events? At the moment there is no iPad or Android support from JavaFX…

  2. Thank you for your reply. I read Mr. Pereda post and made some further research about Linux on tablet. Except for WeTab the panorama seems quite desert or undefined, like project Vivaldi. I guess Oracle is avoiding Android support because of recent law fight with Google, but I really do not understand why Oracle is still ignoring the iPad/iOS platform which represents the largest tablet user base in the world. I dream of writing Oracle Java code for a tablet… is the incoming Windows 8 the possible answer?

    1. JavaFx is already available on IOS for Mac. For IPad, see the following link, I thing someday JavaFx will be available on IPad too.

      For what I know there is more Android Tablet users in the world that IPad users.
      And of course Windows 8 will also be a good platform to receive Oracle I Think… But for now, only linux ARM is available…
      Seeing this article, technically it is possible to run JavaFx app on Android an IPad, it is only political reasons that are in the game.

  3. Hi there,

    great job!

    It would be nice to have the following features:

    - automatic fade out like a pop up menu (i.e. fade out on mouse click anywhere in the scene if not on menu source or menu itself)

    - a central knob in the middle (e.g. a close button/image to hide the menu again)


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