HMI’s on my mind – JavaFX Radial Menu Update

Hi there,

Today a little poste, quick, just to give a new video of the RadialMenu JavaFx control I’m working on. I also deliver the code in the download page. Feel free to use it ! As usual, if you improve it, contact me to reintegrate your work :)

I plan to update the work to integrate radial menu properties binding access. Later step will be to create a real reusable Control (with behavior, skin and .. well control separated classes). Then will the subRadialMenu and the Builder pattern object too… But it will take some time guess !

I understood today how to prpose bindable properties and listen to their change. I try to inspire from JFXtras element in order to understand how to build a real custom control.

Code source available here. Enjoy !




    1. Hi, I’ve just done a request to add it to JFXtras project… That you answered :) So next version will be delivered in it !

  1. Hi I really like your project! I had an idea regarding the adding of sub menu possibilities to this one. I’d like to discuss the idea with you and contribute to its implementation (if you like). Let me know if you are interested so we can define the details (where to host, how to coordinate the work etc…)

    1. Hi,

      JFXtras open source project guys contacted me so that I can contribute with this control. Interested in some work help of course. I think next version will ne released in the JFXtras project. What is your idea of sub menu posibilities ? On my side I was thinking of sub menu opening with the first element located in front of the selected sub menu root, or sub menus centered on the selected sub menu root.

  2. Hi Nicolas, I will look forward to contribute through JFXtras project, in the meanwhile here is my idea:
    Mode 1
    clicked menu will become a circle in the center (the zone around which the menu spans) and the buttons will be replaced by this submenu items.
    this way we can go back everytime but cannot have a full menu tree available.
    However this is easier to implement, and always polished (even if we go into a much nested menu)

    Mode 2 (a bit more complicated)
    clicked menu will become a ring around the center (the zone around which the menu spans) and the buttons will be this submenu items but will be displaced around the ring.
    This way we can go back everytime and have a full menu tree available, because going deep in the menus, adds more rings. However this is a bit more difficult to implement, and can become cluttered when we are navigating deep inside a much nested menu.

    For every further explanation you have my mail! Feel free to ask everything. Please keep me informed of when the project will become available on JFXtras.


    1. Hi,

      Great ideas. I like the first mode, I did not think of such thing. We will have to think of how we can integrate easily the opening animations. using an enum ? Tha main question is will the animation be contained in the RadialMenu or will we propose the user code to write its own animation ?
      I guess we will have to allow using predefined animation an open a door the user custom animation on sub menu opening/closing.

      For now I try to put the code on git, and as it is (almost) the first time I will be using it, I keep the focus on it.

      Feel free to propose a first implementation of a submenu if you want. For now code is LGPL, so enjoy. I think versions delivered in JFXtras will be accessible too.

      For what it’s worth, you can call me Laurent. Nicolas is my surname :)


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